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Sea to Summit Pressure Washing LLC takes every precaution to assure the safety of the property that we are cleaning.  Our methods are accepted throughout the entire pressure washing industry as the safest techniques possible. 

We never clean the sides of homes or buildings with high pressure.  Instead we implement a technique that uses low pressure with the aid of the appropriate soaps and detergents for the surface that we are cleaning. 

However, we have seen instances where other companies have come in before us and used harsh chemicals that predisposed the paint to fail under any subsequent cleanings.

We have even seen paint applied over dirty or moldy surfaces without the correct and necessary paint preparation.  It is fact that window seals and door sweeps fail over time and need periodic maintenance.

Therefore, we assume no liability to things beyond our control , but not limited to, poor paint, defective or worn out door and window seals and gaskets, loose vinyl siding, faulty exterior electrical outlets or for damages that can be traced back to previous cleanings.

We also cannot be held responsible for loses resulting in refrigerators or freezers that are plugged into a GFI protected receptacle, particularly when an exterior receptacle is in the circuit.  A Google search pulls up over 53,000 results why refridgerators and freezers should not be plugged into GFI receptacles.

We will perform a complete inspection of each house or building prior to cleaning and will inform the homeowner or Property Manager of any defects that we may notice before we proceed.  Also, if we see a window not closed will attempt to alert the homeowner, the tenant or notify the Property Manager before proceeding.

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