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Hot Water Is Better Than Cold

There can be no debate that hot water cleans better than cold water. Hot water is essential for cleaning concrete where grease and oil is present like at the drive-thru at banks and fast food restaurants, but it also cleans all concrete better in general. 

Hot water emulsifies grease and oil, but it also helps dissolve dirt and other substances that may be present on any concrete surface. 

When it comes to removing chewing gum, our hot water melts the gooey glob away without the use of high pressure thus no damage to the concrete. Removing gum with cold water depends on the friction propoerties of water when used at high pressure to abrade the gum away.  This high pressure water also scours off some concrete leaving noticeable scars on the surface. 

While it is easy to see why hot water is better than cold for concrete cleaning, it is much better at cleaning homes than cold water as well. You wash your dishes in hot water, professional car washes clean your car with hot water. You probably wash your clothes in warm or hot water for cleaner clothes. You take a shower with hot water, shave with hot water, and you wash your hands with hot water. Pretty much if you want something clean, you probably wash it in hot water.

It stands to reason that if you want your house truly clean, it would come cleaner if you used hot water. The vast majority of pressure washing companies that you will find attempt to clean with cold water, but they typically cannot produce as good of results as those that use hot water like Sea to Summit Pressure Washing.

There are only a few professional companies like Sea to Summit Pressure Washing in the Upstate of South Carolina that have the capability of cleaning your home with hot water.

So if you are looking for an incomparable difference in cleanliness please look for a company that is hot water capable if you do not use us. 

If you would like a free instant online quote for any of our exterior cleaning services, please click here.

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