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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to clean my house?

A. There is no way to accurately give you an answer for that until we come out and give you a free estimate, but typically most homes will run somewhere between $100.00 and 130.00 per 1,000 sf of home if you are just looking for something in the ballpark.  

You can also go to our Instant Quote page and put in some nformation about what you would like to have cleaned and get a price for cleaning your home right there.

Q. Our house is really high. Do you have ladders high enough to reach?

A. We do not need ladders to reach the high areas of your house. Most pressure washing companies use high pressure water to blast the dirt off of your home so they have to wash from ladders or crawl around on your roof. This is very dangerous and many accidents and even deaths occur each year because of this. Our low pressure cleaning technique allows us to gently apply our special house cleaning detergents to all areas of youhome. Since we do not rely on high pressure, we can get our soap as high as 50’ while safely standing on the ground.


Q. Will your cleaning solutions harm the paint on my gutters or garage doors?


A. Generaly no. Our cleaning solutions are safe towards paint. Being in the business for ten years, 99% of the homes that we cleaned have had no problems, but we have encountered problems with 1%.

We have looked into this to see if there is something in common with those rare homes that we have had a problem with and we have found out there could be several reasons that cause problems with garage doors and gutter exteriors. 

The thing that always seems to be the most common is a history of prior cleaning where someone tried to clean the gutter exteriors or garage doors with either straight bleach or with a substance like Purple Power, Mean Green, or Streaked Lightning. These cleaners are harmful to painted surfaces. While they may have cleaned the grime away, the paint will have been damaged to the point where it will come off during any subsequent cleanings.

Another reason why paint may be damaged on garage doors is because they were never painted in the first place. Garage doors come with a white primer on them. The primer is supposed to help the paint bond to the aluminum surface and is not intended to be the final top coat of paint. Primer does not hold up to exposure to the elements and can be washed off after long exposure to the weather and the UV rays of the sun. 


Q. Will your cleaning solutions hurt my plants?


A. No. We have never harmed a plant with our house wash solution, however, as an extra precaution; we wetdown all plants close to the house before we apply our cleaning solutions and gently rinse them off after we are finished.

Q. Will your cleaning solutions be harmful to my pets?


A. Don’t worry. Our cleaning solutions smell like soap so most dogs think they are about to be bathed, causing them to stay away from us while we clean. Besides, we always rinse off all decks, patios, and driveways until there is no trace of our cleaning solutions left behind. If we encounter your pets water bowl left where we are cleaning, we will move it out of the way and put it back where we found it filled with fresh water.                            


Q. What all will you be cleaning on my house for that price?


A. When we hear that, we know you have probably encountered a contractor that advertises cleaning homes for $99.00 and once he was there, he started hitting you with a lot of add ons like cleaning the gutter exteriors (or maybe he told you the gutters couldn’t be cleaned), front stoop cleaning, and porch railings, etc. Our price includes cleaning every square inch of your home’s exterior. Cleaning the black streaks off of your gutters, porch railings, front stoops, screened in porches, front steps, front patio and overhead on stoops and patios, and Rover’s dirty paw prints at the back door are all included in our price.


Q. What else do you do?


A. In addition to cleaning home’s exteriors, we clean concrete driveways and sidewalks, pool aprons, windows (inside and out), we clean decks, we clean, re-sand and seal concrete pavers just to mention a few things we do.


Q. Another guy said he would clean my windows or driveway for free if he washed my house. Do you do that?


A. Be careful with that one. A lot of contractors play games with customers to try to win over more business. There are usually a number of windows or size of driveway they will clean and you don’t find that out until it is too late. In addition, some of these contractors will have the services they say they are doing for free, built into the price of the house cleaning, so it is technically not free.


Q. Do I have to be home when you clean my house?


A. Absolutely not. We understand people have jobs and things to do and places to go. If you are not home when we finish, we will leave an invoice for you and you can mail us a check or call us and give us your credit card number over the phone. It is as easy as that.

Q. What if we decide we want you to clean our driveway after you get here?


A. That will be fine as long as we are not scheduled to be somewhere else as soon as we finish cleaning your home. We will always try to accommodate your decision in every way possible, but we may have to schedule it for another day. 

Q. I heard you give discounts if we schedule more than one thing to be cleaned on the same day?

A. This is true. The cost of driving to a job and setting up our hoses is not cheap these days. If we are already on the job to, say, clean your house, then we can do other scheduled services while we are there without the expense of additional travel or setting up hoses.

Q. I see you are based near Clemson, do you come to Simpsonville?

A. Yes we do. We actually service the entire Upstate of South Carolina for all residential and commercial services.  “Sea to Summit Pressure Washing” is not just our name, but it also indicates the range we will travel for larger residential or commercial jobs. From the South Carolina coast to the mountains of Western North Carolina we will go where our services are needed.

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