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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Us

1) Experience Matters


We have been professionally cleaning homes and business exteriors since 2002.

2) Pressure Washing Can Damage the Exterior of Your Home or Business


We clean with a low-pressure technique often called “Soft Washing”.  Low Pressure cleaning is much safer than typical pressure washing and as a bonus; it provides superior results as well.

3) Hot Water Cleans Better Than Cold Water


You wash dishes and clothes in hot water.   Therefore, it is easy to see how hot water would provide better results when cleaning your home.  Hot water is much more efficient than cold water so we clean better, clean faster, and use less water.

4) Hot Water is Vital for Concrete Cleaning


Hot water not only aids in cleaning your home, it is superior at   cleaning your concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios.  Hot water emulsifies dirt, oil, and other grime.  It also makes quick work of safely removing nasty, unsightly chewing gum off concrete as well.

5) Superior Cleaning Solutions


We use a blend of lemon scented plant safe soaps, detergents, and mildewcides to dissolve and lift away the dirt, mildew, and mold. After applying our soaps and allow them time to work, we follow up with a thorough low pressure rinse to make your home look as clean as new with a freshness you can smell.

6) Ugly black stains taking over your roof?


Don’t worry!  We never clean shingles with high pressure. Our no – pressure method of cleaning is safe for your shingles, is recommended by all shingle manufactures, and maintains all shingle manufacturer’s warrantees..

7) We Remove Ugly Black Streaks on Gutters


A good house cleaning would not be complete if the gutters were left dirty.  We provide exterior gutter cleaning at no extra charge while other companies charge extra for this service. 


8) We Clean Windows Too


Avoid the hassle of trying to schedule one company to clean your home and having to schedule another company to clean your windows.  Keep it simple! You only need to call us to get both your house and your windows cleaned.


9) Pressure Washing Insurance


We are properly insured for pressure washing and window cleaning. General Liability policies for landscapers, painters, and handymen do not cover damages they may cause by     pressure washing.  We also carry Workman’s Comp. which provides an added level of comfort that many pressures washing companies are not be able to offer you.

10) We Have Versatile Capabilities


We serve residential homes, commercial properties, historic homes, apartment complexes, condos, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, churches, universities, airports and cities and state governments.

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