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Never Pressure Wash Your Home

This may sound like a strange statement coming from a pressure washing company, but it is the truth.

The first thing people think of when they want their house cleaned is to have it pressure washed, but the surfaces on the exterior of your home are not made to withstand the destructive forces of high pressure water being sprayed only inches away.

Paint can be blasted off, screens can be shredded, vinyl siding damaged or knocked loose, double pane windows can have their seals broken causing fogging between the two layers of glass.

High-pressure water can also be forced through your window and door seals sending water inside your home to soak your furniture, carpet, or hardwood floors. Another problem with blasting away the dirt on your home by pressure washing,is that you will be forcing water in behind the vinyl siding, Hardi plank, or cracks in the mortar on brick homes causing mold problems within your walls that you may not even be aware of.  

While pressure washing poses great risk to your home the threat of personal injury should not be overlooked. Each year thousands of people are injured and even a large number of deaths occur while pressure washing.

The number one cause of these incidences occur while pressure washing homes or other structures from a ladder.

A misconception that most people believe, despite all the risk involved, is that you have get close enough to the surface they are cleaning to blast the dirt and grime away with high pressure upwards of 3,000 ~ 4,000 psi.

Another false assumption is that bleach is the only cleaning solution needed to clean a house.

Truth is, bleach has no cleaning power of its own. It may kill mold, but it does nothing to break the bond the mold has on the sides of your home nor does it do anything to remove the pollution, dirt, and other grime that is attacking your home. That is why so many DYIers and pressure washing companies that use bleach as a cleaner have resort to the use of high pressure to blast all this filth off your home.

Not us though. We safely clean homes with 60~80 psi while remaining safely on the ground with our unique techique that yields superior results.

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing llc will never use high pressure to clean your home or property. Our low pressure technique or what is often called Soft Washing uses specially designed house washing soaps and detergents mixed with warm water that is applied and thoroughly rinsed with clean water at low pressure.

The pressure we use on your home could be compared closer to that of garden hose pressure rather than the 2,000 ~ 4,000 psi commonly used by most DYIer's and other power washing companies.

Since we are not depending on high pressure to do our cleaning, we can safely stand on the ground and clean at heights up to 50’. The results of our plant safe detergent and low pressure cleaning are astounding and far superior to the results you will get from the typical pressure washing methods.

The picture below clearly shows that we easily clean all the way to the top of the gable on this two story home. In reality, we have cleaned over four stories high from the ground on a calm day. 

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