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Tough Stain Removal

Battery Acid Burns and Rust Stains In Concrete Can Seem Impossible To Remove, But Sea To Summit Pressure Is Able To Safely Remove Those Unsightly Stains

There is no doubt that rust stains on your driveway or sidewalk are unsightly, but they also rob your property's curb appeal lowering the value of your property.

Professional rust stain removal is an art and a science as each case of rust can be caused by a variety of sources.

One source of rust on the sides of homes, building, and even windows can come from irrigation systems that use water from shallow wells or get water from ponds or lakes.  Often, water from these sources will contain some levels of iron.

As these irrigation systems overspray water onto the sides of houses, buildings, sidewalks, and driveways, the iron-laden water eventually evaporates from the surfaces, but the iron is left behind where it forms rust stains. These stains can build up and become quite severe over time if left untreated.

Fertilizers containing iron can also cause ugly rust staining problems on concrete, sidewalks and driveways. If these fertilizers get dropped onto concrete, each pellet can leave its own little rust stain spot and streak. Multiply these streaks by how many pellets of fertilizer get on the concrete and you have the making for a pretty nasty looking mess.  

Concrete is not the only place that can develop rust stains. Rust can also be found on the sides of houses or property. The source of this rust can come from AC units that are often placed in the attic spaces. These AC units condensate water that is dispelled through a PVC pipe sticking through the siding or soffits of the home or building. This discharged water often contains a high concentration of iron that drizzles down the side of the home where a huge rust streak can form from the drain pipe to the ground. This can be an embarrassing eyesore for the entire neighborhood and pressure washing will not remove these rust stains without damage to the siding. 


Rust can also come from other common sources like the legs of metal outdoor furniture, but some rust stains are not actually rust stains. At times, these stains are battery acid burns. Battery acid burns can be caused by your car battery, but a very common cause of these battery acid burns come from golf carts. 

While they look very similar, one always needs to consider the source to determine whether it is a rust stain or battery acid burn.

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing llc has been trained to recognize the different types of rust stains and the sources that cause them. Rust and battery acid burns on concrete are some of the most difficult problems to clean that any pressure washing company will ever encounter.

Experience, along with proper training and cleaning techniques, makes Sea to Summit Pressure Washing the right choice for your rust removal project. Our battery acid restoration cleaner is the first cleaner capable of removing orange battery stains and is only available to professional pressure washing companies with the proper equipment and experience needed for cleaning concrete. 

For more information about this amazing rust stain removal service or for a free demonstration please contact us on our contact page or give us a call at 864-653-0123.

Remember the “Sea to Summit” in our name means we cover from the ocean to the mountains so if you are a golf course superintendent, property management company,  airport, pool supply company, public works, or homeowner and not in our immediate area in the Upstate part of South Carolina, please feel free to contact us anyway.

If you like a free online instant quote for any of our exterior cleaning services please click here.

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