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Window Cleaning

In an effort to serve our customers better we added window cleaning to our list of exterior cleaning services about six years ago.

Now you no longer have to find a good pressure washing contractor to clean your home or business and then try to find a separate window cleaning company to make sure you have a clear view to the outside. 

Having to hire two separate contractors often created scheduling problems by trying to coordinate schedules between the two companies. Now one call gets it all done.

We clean both inside and outside windows. We are surety bonded and all of our employees go through a background check before we allow them to go into anyone's home for your ease of mind. 

Our methods include either “old school” strip washers or squeegees or for exterior windows, our preferred method is with the use of waterfed poles. 

Waterfed poles clean with ultra-pure water for spot free glass. With our water fed poles, we are able to clean windows up to fifty feet high while standing safely on the ground.

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