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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.  We wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t hope this website inspires you to use us for your exterior cleaning needs, but if not, we hope that at the very least it will give you something to think about before you hire a power washing contractor to clean the exterior of your property or home.

We assure you the pictures you will see on this site are actual photos we have taken. Some show examples of the work we have done and you will find pictures of pressure washing damage we have seen caused by other contractors and even homeowners that thought they were saving money by doing the work themselves.

Most of the information we are presenting is factual and while some of it may, indeed, be just our opinion, it was all gleaned during nine years of experience in the pressure washing industry and by cleaning many hundreds of homes.

It may sound odd for a pressure washing company to tell people they should never have their houses pressure washed, but we tell you why on several pages in the website.

In this website, are pages to help you to recognize the companies that are likely to cause damage to your home or property while pressure washing it.

There is a page describing the type of insurance a pressure washing contractor is required to have. Failing to make sure your pressure washing contractor has the proper insurance puts you at risk if something goes wrong.

You will find questions you should ask a pressure washing company that you are considering hiring to pressure wash your property. Some examples of these questions you should ask are if they have to work from ladders to reach the higher sections of your house and how much pressure they will be using.

We have compiled a page with pictures of the wrong way to have your home cleaned and with pictures showing the results of improper power washing. We call this page the Wall of Shame.

On one page you will find out what those menacing black spots are that no one seems to be able to get off your home’s siding.

We also tell you a little about Graffiti and how even the seemingly harmless scribbles on buildings or other objects can lead to a more serious problem if it is not removed promptly.

If any of this information we are presenting on this website is helpful to you, we would love to hear from you. Please go to our contact page and leave us a note.

Mission Statement

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing sincerely cares about your home and business. We know that in this economical crunch, every penny counts and quality and customer service is very important.

We, here, at Sea to Summit Pressure Washing strive to offer the best service possible to our customers by keeping up to date on industry standards, new products, and continuing education. Each year, we attend several specific pressure washing industry conferences, seminars, product use certifications and training.

We strive to deliver extraordinary services and to create comfort level with our customers. Our aim is to respond in a manner that will provide satisfaction, trust and proven value by demonstrating expertise and sound and professional business practices.

  • To educate and perform our services for our customers at the highest level of quality and at fair and market competitive prices.

  • To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and doing everything we can to achieve superior results in all of the services we offer. 

  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. 

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Our Heritage Leads to Our Promise

For thirty one years I worked in bridge construction. During the last twenty-seven of those years, I served as a bridge construction superintendent and left a legacy of bridges that I built all around the State of South Carolina.

In 2003, while working on a bridge in Columbia, SC, it hit me one night that I was tired of traveling all around the country from one bridge construction site to another and living for the most part in motels or rental housing through the week and only getting home on weekends just long enough to wash my clothes and re-pack them before I was off again. As soon as I finished that project, I left the bridge construction life behind and struck out on my own doing home maintenance and repairs, but before long that work evolved into a full time pressure washing career and to where I am today…..owner of Sea to Summit Pressure Washing llc.

While my work may be completely different today, the one thing I brought with me from my bridge construction superintendent days was the 1,091 page book of the Standard Specifications that all bridge and road construction contractors had to adhere to making sure that all state and federal projects were built correctly and up to standards... No, I didn’t bring the actual 2½” thick book with me, but what I did bring with me, was the mindset that a set of standards of doing things correctly should be followed even as a pressure washing contractor.

With this self-imposed set of standard specifications, I am committed that Sea to Summit Pressure Washing performs our services to the highest possible standards. In addition, I insist that our employees follow the same standards that I want my company to be known for. It is imperative that we conduct ourselves in a professional manner, be clean cut, be appropriately dressed, and have no visible tattoos or piercings in the nose, lips or tongue. In addition, no one working for us will ever smoke or leave any trash or drink bottles on our customer’s premises.

While we have to charge for our work, it is our goal that our services should also be seen as a blessing to our customers…bringing happiness and a sense of contentment that their money was well spent when they see how nice their property looks after we have cleaned it.

Work In The Community

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing loves our community and believes in supporting it by donating our services to charitable and other worthwhile causes. We have donated our services to several local churches, the Ronald McDonald House, and to Cleaning for Heroes. We have also donated our service as prizes to the Clemson Area of Commerce to help them raise money to pay off the building they are in and to Clemson EPTAY. In addition we donate money each year to the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

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